iknowvate is an IT outsourcing service provider that offers a portfolio of proven and relevant services around key technologies and for specific industries. This is backed by proven industry, business process and technology expertise. Our customers experience the benefits of what we term ‘Next Door Sourcing’ model where all engagements are executed as per their requirements.

About Us

About Us

Established in 2001, iknowvate is an IT outsourcing service provider based out of Southfield, Michigan that specializes in value driven services in Business Intelligence, Product Lifecycle management and Web commerce across the Automotive Financial Services, Automotive Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government sectors. We combine our domain and technology expertise with our proven business process knowledge base accrued over the years. This is backed by a delivery approach that ensures our ability to provide rapid, responsive, and realistic answers to your business needs.

The key to our success is an entrepreneurial spirit, flexibility and the continuous quest for learning. Our number one priority is to stay attentive, focused, and responsive to the needs of our clients, partners, and employees.

Taken together, this allows our clients to experience the benefits and impact of innovative solutions and services.



50 Companies to Watch

iknowvate was one of 50 unique companies recognized in 2006 as a Michigan “50 Companies to Watch” and that mattered the most to Michigan. This is an awards program celebrating second-stage entrepreneurs in association with the Edward Lowe Foundation and best echoed In Mrs. Darlene Lowes words “To champion the entrepreneurial spirit”. Then Governor Jennifer M. Granholm said “It’s important not only to recognize these companies, but also to understand their contributions to Michigan economy with over $500M in combined revenues and over 2500 jobs”.

Future 50

iknowvate was recognized with the “Future 50” award that is sponsored by the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce and honors fast-paced emerging businesses in the Detroit area. The award is based on exceptional performance in revenue and job growth and is given based on economic impact on the economy of Southeast Michigan through growth in employment, investments, community enhancement, revenues and acquisitions.

Our Next Door Sourcing Model

Our Next Door Sourcing Model

What sets apart iknowvate from other more typical IT service providers is that we take the hassle and worry out of your sourcing decision. This is largely due to our ‘Next Door Sourcing’ Model and Project Management Office by which everything we deliver is in line with your requirements and include:

  • Business & IT governance policies
  • Technology & architecture standards
  • Security standards
  • Confidentiality & IP requirements
  • Delivery methodology, process & documentation guidelines

What’s more, both teams are aligned for mutual success.


  • 3 to 6 months to hit resource productivity
  • High resource turnover: average tenure < 1yr
  • Low productivity
  • Shadow trainee resources consume project time
  • High volume, process driven, commoditized
  • Odd hour communication challenges
  • Project cost & schedule overruns & deliverabe shortcomings
  • Culture gaps with no or minimal knowledge on client’s business
  • Cannot reach project site easily
  • IP Confidentiality & Security adherence?

Next Door Sourcing

  • Immediate results with Next Door delivery teams
  • Low or no resource turnover: average tenure > 3yrs
  • Effective, efficient, productive
  • Controlled and experienced resource pool & no shadow resource
  • Excellent and timely communication within the same US time zone
  • Tight control over deliverables at same cost as offshore
  • No cultural gaps with excellent knowledge on client’s business
  • Easy anytime access to project location/team
  • Secured infrastructure with strict IP confidentiality

Success Story

For the Department of Environmental Quality, State of Michigan, iknowvate put in place a ‘Next Door’ sourcing model. A dedicated PMO (Project Management Office) had oversight and our team owned all the deliverables executed out of dedicated and secure infrastructure owned by us. Our engagement spanned multiple projects across the Software Development Lifecycle and we successfully designed, built, deployed and maintained their Water Quality Management, Air Quality Management and Food Quality Management application portals.

Why iknowvate

  • Deep understanding of business processes, applications and technology
  • Local-Global delivery model: Local presence, single point project ownership/management and CMM L5 and ISO 9001 defined methodologies and processes
  • Complete SDLC and/or specialized projects knowledge: Project planning and management, business analysis, systems architecture, high and low level design, development/code build, unit testing and integration testing with complete Test Lifecycle Management (TLM) knowledge, documentation, deployment strategy execution (including staging, user acceptance testing, production install, fine tune and rollout), user training and ongoing user support, production support, code maintenance, bug fixing, version/release control, feature enhancements and application re-engineering