19+ years of Automotive Experience

Automotive Financial Services

Automotive Financial Services

iknowvate’s expertise is across Auto Lease, Auto Finance, Credit Card, Mortgage, Insurance and Banking segments. Functional knowledge has been built in applications for customer service, lease & financing, dealer & wholesale, contract & asset management, sales & brand marketing and operations & governance.

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

Today’s manufacturers face a host of challenges such as reducing the lead time from concept-to-manufacture, standardization and parts reusability, supply chain visibility, compliance to emission and fuel efficiency standards and reduce the warranty costs.

The need thus is for a lean organization, one that is collaborative and integrated. This requires an IT infrastructure that is global in scope, enterprise wide and is always on to support the on demand availability of business data, reports and intelligence.

Our expertise is across multiple aspects of the business including:

  • Dealer and customer facing processes and applications – CRM, DRM
  • Supplier facing processes and applications – SRM, SCM
  • Design, Engineering, Detailing and Manufacturing – PLM
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Management (Men, Money, Material, Machinery, Movement, Measurement -HR/Finance/MRP/Procurement/OP/Controls)
  • After sales warranties and services

Enterprise Automation Model


Government Services

Citizens expect their government to have in place an established eGovernment strategy. Elements include single-point / window, help provided online, easy to understand, simple and easy to understand and access through phone or web and has to cater to multiple users – citizens, employees, other government agencies and businesses.

Complicating these efforts is the numerous challenges governments are facing – multiple agencies and a complex structure, agency and task-specific applications, islands of applications, heterogeneous technologies, and most crucially budgetary constraints.

iknowvate has expertise in key technologies most relevant to governments – web-based applications, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), WAP/PDA, GPS, workflow and content management platforms. In our experience, the agencies that are most successful are the ones who standardized on technology, offer web-centric applications, utilize a common architecture and have their applications integrated.

Our delivery approach combines ready-to-go application engines, component-based architecture, and integrated, web-enabled applications that utilize a common technology platform.

iknowvate specializes in developing and implementing scalable, extensible, and configurable solutions across various technology platforms.

  • ADM (J2EE, .NET, Sharepoint)
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence (TIES)
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Mobility (MobXL)
  • Remote Infrastructure Management (TRIMS)
  • Project Planning and Definition
  • Enterprise Architecture Upgrade Planning Implementation
  • COTS Implementation & Customization
  • Transfer Systems Implementation
  • Software As A Service (SAAS)

Product Engineering Services

Business Units


  • Automotive Control Units
  • Automotive Infotainment
  • Connected Car
  • ADAS
  • Networking and Diagnostics


  • Industrial
  • Lab & Scientific Instruments
  • Smart homes
  • Machine vision & Metrology
  • M2M and Internet of Things

Mobile Solutions

  • Mobile Solutions
  • Mobility
  • Cloud
  • E-commerce solutions
  • PC Application

Electronic Control Units Experience

Body Control Module

ISO 26262

Powertrain System


Chassis System

Diagnostic & Networking




Seat Electronics
Engine Management
EPS System

Matlab, Simulink

Collision Warning(V2X)

Automation Engineering Expertise

Rich experience in design, development, validation and verification of embedded systems in automation

  • Hardware design – Multi Layer board design, Compliance testing, FMEA
  • BSP and Device Drivers – Porting and customization of board support package and development/integration of device drivers
  • Firmware applications – Design and development of firmware applications
  • Network Protocols such as Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, MODBUS, WiFi, BT, Zigbee etc.
  • Application Software – HMI/UI : PC, Web and Smart phone based
  • IoT – Sensors, Short range and long range protocols – wired and wireless, Cloud connectivity and application development